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Yomim Tovim for the Very Young

Yomim Tovim for the Very Young



From a very young age, children are influenced by their environment and absorb everything around them. Yomim Tovim, Jewish holidays, are filled with sights and sounds which naturally enthrall by them. This series, specifically created for younger children, allows parents to easily explain the many rituals and customs of each holiday, instilling the child with the proper background and appreciation of each specific Yom Tov.

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What's inside

Stories of Chanukah for the very young

  • Antiyochus and his terrible decrees on the Jewish people
  • Macabees miraculously defeat the Yevanim
  • How the small jug of oil lasted for eight days
  • Minhagim of Chanukah: Special things we do and foods we eat to celebrate