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Veshinantum Levanecha’s Mission

Jewish children’s reading material should be enjoyable, beautiful and educational

We believe literature plays a vital role in shaping the hearts, minds and character of our children. Our goal is to create engaging educational books, transmitting Torah values to children and enriching every frum Jewish home.


  • “It is a tremendous benefit to publish and distribute this Sefer [Peninei Haparsha L’Yaldei Yisroel] to all of Klal Yisroel." Yaakov Edelstein Rabbi of Ramat Hashron
  • “Everything written by the author is true in content as well as of high quality, and is fitting to bring into the [Jewish] home." Hagaon Harav Y.Y. Fisher, zt”l Rosh Av Beis Din of the Eida Hacharidis, Jerusalem
  • “I hereby join my voice to the words of the Gaon, [HaRav Fisher] regarding Rav Hopkowitz publishing his important Seforim for young Jewish children." Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Gavad of the Eida Hacharidis, Jerusalem

The Story Behind Our Stories

A Mechanech’s daring dream

25 years ago Rabbi Yaakov Hopkowitz, a much-admired and well-known mechanech in Yerushalayim, dreamed of extending each child’s learning experience beyond the classroom. He knew that the timeless stories of Torah hold countless wonders for children when presented in an engaging way. With his keen vision and understanding of children, Rabbi Hopkowitz has introduced a new level of excellence in Jewish children’s literature.

A classroom for the masses

For several years, Rabbi Hopkowitz divided his time between classroom teaching and developing the fledgling “Veshinantam Levanecha” book line. But soon, HaRav Fisher of the Eidah Hachareidis in Yerushalayim suggested that he fully devote his talents and boundless energy to developing the book series. The Rav believed that would be the most effective use of Rabbi Hopkowitz’s skills as a mechanech. “Just look at it as a bigger classroom,” Rav Fisher said with a smile.

Our ever-growing library

Today, our titles include 12 different series, totaling more than 130 books. In recent years, we’ve added audio CDs to our collection and offer books translated to English, Yiddish, and French, in addition to the original Hebrew editions.

Veshinantum Levanecha books are available for purchase on our website and wherever Jewish books are sold.

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