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The Eternal Light

The Eternal Light

Volume 3


Stories of Tzadikim, the light of our world, past and present, have been used since time immemorial as an effective teaching tool to shape the hearts, minds and character of young children to aspire to greatness. This educational series presents stories that will enrapture the minds of the young reader and transport them to faraway times and places and leave them with indelible life lessons to help them properly develop their own Midos and incorporate the invaluable Mussar lessons into their own daily lives. Volumes in this series are available separately or as a complete set.

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What's inside

Stories of Tzadikim

  • Harav Shalom Shar'abi
  • The Sedei Chemed
  • Harav Yaakov Abuchatzeira
  • The Ben Ish Chai
  • Harav Abdullah Semach
  • Harav Shlomo Eliezer Elfandri
  • Harav Ovadia Yosef